Everything, well almost everything happens on social media. The latest news, celebrity breakup, anything bizarre, breaking, we read, see and watch it first on social media. That’s how important and essential social media is in our lives fortunately and unfortunately. Even in 2021, the biggest social media apps continue to be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even WhatsApp even though it’s technically a messaging app.And like every year, 2021 also saw a series of new features and experiments on these social media apps. Twitter for instance had a super busy year with several new features being rolled out and some in testing. Facebook was yet again the talk of the town with its rebranding to ‘Meta’ which is now the social media app’s parent company. It also highlights the company’s primary focus for the ‘metaverse’, a lot of which we heard about this year and will continue to next year. Before this year ends let’s take a look back at some of the biggest social media features launched in 2021.