Author Shares Adorable Moments With the Newest Members of her Family: Beans and Basil

Dogs are members of our family, so it’s natural for us to want to protect their well-being after we are gone in the same way that we provide for our human family members.”

— Cesar Millan

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2022 / — Author Michelle Cristantiello has published her book titled Meet Beans and Basil: Rottweiler Puppies. The book is about the coming to the family of the two Rottweiler puppies named Beans and Basil in March 2019. They became part of the Cristantiello family, and the rest is history to be recorded! Through the photos, you will experience the love and happiness these Rottweilers have to offer.

The book started when Beans and Basil were riding a car back home and how they interacted with the Cristantiello family members in their daily lives; and how they made their days.

“Loved this adorable book! Nicely written with beautiful pictures and captions to entertain us all! Little ones will enjoy it, but any pet lover will find this book endearing!”

— Amazon Customer Review

“Such an amazing children’s book! My grandson enjoyed me reading it to him repeatedly! Love the Live Photos which capture the story. Great book, great author, priceless!”

— Amazon Customer Review

“I sent this book to my nieces. They were in love. Beans and Basil are just amazing pups, and so is their mom. Congratulations Michelle! It is a wonderful book. Better yet, it is great knowing and loving them.”

— Amazon Customer Review.

Michelle Cristantiello is a professional dog trainer with over 30 years of experience in rehabilitating dogs. Her company, Pawsitive Prep, inspires dog owners to be confident pack leaders while developing a bonded relationship with their dogs that is built on respect and trust.

Meet Beans and Basil: Rottweiler Puppies

Written by: Michelle Cristantiello

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