21-Year-Old Artist Releases First Painting Collection on December 25th, 2022

Tin’s ‘RAW Collection’ contains 13 acrylic paintings, accompanied by a ‘RAW Diary’ composed of 57 poems.

NIJMEGEN, NETHERLANDS , January 1, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Artist, Tin, is pleased to announce the successful launch of his first painting collection, RAW Collection, on December 25th, 2022.

Tin, aka Tin Glavan, is a 21-year-old, Croatian-born painter and poet currently living in The Netherlands. As an artist, Tin believes that it is critical to take a non-judgmental approach towards feelings, thoughts, and basic human nature in order to not only live with ourselves, but to also be our greatest selves as well.

In his most recent news, Tin is thrilled to announce the successful release of his very first painting collection, RAW Collection, on December 25th, 2022. The collection contains thirteen acrylic paintings, which are also accompanied by a RAW Diary composed of 57 poems. RAW Collection touches on various topics from religion to dreams and mental illnesses, as well as current events, such as war and starvation.

“I love exploring ‘the inside’ for inspiration,” Tin says. “As I was making my collection and fully immersing myself into the creation process, I’ve realized that ‘the inside’ is much more interesting than ‘the outside’ world. I find it’s warm and fun, as opposed to being cold and oppressive.”

“I also believe that time sacrifice, raw emotion, honesty, and an artist having an opinion are necessary for art to be considered good,” Tin says. “Time, being my most valuable asset, is stored within the paintings together with a snapshot of myself at the time of creating them. I am shamelessly giving out my most intimate thoughts and emotions by sharing my diary, in a hope that observers will truly realize that there is no shame in feeling “bad” emotions and being yourself.”

The first piece in RAW Collection, entitled Mr. Musk, is a sociopolitical painting accompanied by the poem with the same name, thereby giving the painting a bigger and more vivid picture. The poem reads:


Don’t you know

what curiosity has

done to a cat?

Made its mama

knit in black.

What possibly out there

can we find?

It’s proven that

thirst makes people

go blind.

Keep in mind

We are gonna find,

the same misery

we’ve left behind.

Mr. Musk,

in you I trust.

To do what’s right

is a must.


As a philanthropist, Tin pledges to donate 13% of all of his profits to charitable organizations that have a focus on sick and hungry children in impoverished nations.

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About Tin Visions

Tin Visions online platform and first collection was launched on Christmas 2022, with the release of the RAW Collection and a RAW Diary. It took two years for Tin Visions and his collection to be brought from the initial idea to the launch. Most of the inspirations for the collection are current events and literature, with Tin growing up and carefully observing the world around him, the people in it, and figuring out there is more wrong with it than there is right.

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