The popular blog, Charm and Chain, aims to educate people about types of jewelry for all styles and budgets.

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2022 / — Ana Mehr is pleased to announce she has raised a pre-seed round of money specifically to grow her flourishing blog, Charm and Chain.

Ana Mehr is a small business owner who loves creating content sites to share her various passions with her audience. At her very core, Ana is passionate about entrepreneurship, women empowerment, and, of course, jewelry, having always been fascinated by it because of its ability to help people fully express themselves.

In her most recent news, Ana is thrilled to announce that she has successfully raised a pre-seed round of funding for her blog, Charm and Chain, which has been gaining traction since its inception in November 2021. The money was donated by angel investors to help grow the business and meet the blog’s goal of taking jewelry education to the next level.

“Charm and Chain is a jewelry blog aimed to help make jewelry accessible to everyone by providing educational content,” Ana says. “From diamond earrings to metal bracelets to nose rings for men, Charm and Chain wants to help everyone, no matter their style or budget, to find the perfect piece of jewelry for themselves and their loved ones.”

Charm and Chain covers a variety of jewelry-related topics, including how to take out a nose stud with a flat back, ring cleaning, friendship bracelets for adults, the benefits of silicone rings for men, and so much more.

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About Ana Mehr

Ana Mehr is a website operator with a diverse portfolio of various websites. She loves creating websites about things she’s passionate about and is excited to grow Charm and Chain in conjunction with other sites in her portfolio, which include sites about dogs, healthy eating, and more. Ana’s portfolio of sites gets hundreds of thousands of views which enable her to help educate people around topics she cares about.

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