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Around the World in 12 Years and 12 Square Meters: Memories and Insights

Apr 30, 2022

Author Shares His Most Remarkable Memories with His Wife and their Travels Around the World

“During our travels in the following years we settled in a routine of visiting Switzerland only in
summer because then it was winter in the South Hemisphere, where we traveled with Fuchur.””

— Steffen P. Russak

TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Enjoying the freedom and magnificent landscapes, marvel at our Mother Nature and its fantastic feats seen around the world, author Steffen P. Russak has shared with us his published book titled Around the World in 12 Years and 12 Square Meters: Memories and Insights. The book follows the life of Steffen and his wife Marianne around the world in their white motorhome Fuchur, overwhelmed not only by nature’s accomplishments but also by the
impressive history of life on our planet and of our species in particular.

Author shares that, “Marianne passed away on September 29, 2018, after a long and brave fight against cancer. We had been reluctant about writing a book concerning our years on the road because many other explorers like us had already successfully published similar stories. Nevertheless, before her health got worse, we had started to figure out how we could go about such a task. Now, with Marianne gone, I did start to write, concentrating on the most remarkable of those glorious days, when we were together roaming the roads of the Earth is a free, globalized world…”

“He uses some of her recollections verbatim and includes many of their brilliant and highly evocative photos. His foremost tip for like-minded rovers would probably be: plan and try to think of every possible exigency that might occur — and then, don’t be surprised when something you never considered happens to thwart — or enhance — your adventures.” — Barbara Bamberger Scott, Hollywood Book Reviews.

Born in 1940, Steffen P. Russak grew up in Northeast Brazil before moving to Switzerland. There he met and married his wife, and the two had two children together. Before Steffen retired, he worked as a successful mechanical engineer and was actively involved in many diverse and creative activities worldwide. After retirement, he traveled with his wife, and later they moved to the United States, where he lives now. He was widowed in 2018. He enjoys literature, travel, photography, and formerly riding his motorcycle. It is his first published work.

Around the World in 12 Years and 12 Square Meters: Memories and Insights
Written by: Steffen P. Russak
Hardcover |
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