Industry-leading data management solution provider, Astera Software, is hosting a virtual webinar on planning and implementing cloud migration journeys.

The key takeaway should be that modernizing your data architecture is increasingly becoming a must-have for enterprises across every industry.”

— Jay Mishra

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2022 / — Industry-leading data management solution provider Astera Software is ready to hit launch on a virtual panel discussion on planning and implementing cloud migration journeys in the post-pandemic era. The live event will take place on Monday, May 16 at 11 AM PST and will feature data thought leaders Kent Graziano, Owner at Data Warrior LLC, and Koen Verbeeck, Microsoft MVP and Senior BI Specialist at AE.

At a time when many organizations are looking to navigate the economic repercussions and rapidly shifting market forces borne out of COVID-19, advanced analytics has been a critical tool in helping organizations regain their foothold. From restructuring supply chains to anticipating consumer behavior, the predictive and diagnostic capabilities provided by these tools have helped companies like Amazon triple their profits during this tricky period.

Of course, enabling these outcomes requires building a modern data architecture that can handle the volume and velocity of data from disparate sources across the enterprise. For many, creating a modern, scalable, and agile solution that can meet the demand for real-time intelligence means migrating to the cloud.

In Astera’s next webinar, participants will get expert insights from our guest speakers on the key factors driving the move to platforms like Snowflake and Microsoft Azure, the potential challenges that meet them during the implementation process, and a best-practices strategy for taking their data warehousing to the cloud. Astera Software COO Jay Mishra will also be on the panel, adding an insider perspective on how automation and no-code solutions are critical accelerators during these migration journeys.

Speaking on what’s in store for webinar attendees, Mr. Mishra stated:

“The key takeaway should be that modernizing your data architecture is increasingly becoming a must-have for enterprises across every industry. However, enterprises must equip themselves with the right expertise and technology at the initial planning stage to ensure success during these initiatives. At Astera, we’ve seen firsthand how empowering data owners with a customized strategy and our intuitive, code-free data warehousing platform can help them accelerate their migration timelines to just a few weeks. In this session, they’ll be able to learn how to achieve these objectives themselves.”

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