BeautiNow Launches Perfume History & Origin Blog

Online perfume retailer, Beautinow, launches perfume history blog to educate consumers about the past.

Perfume bottles don’t only contain perfume, they also contain thousands of years of history.”

— H. Dai

THE NETHERLANDS, May 9, 2022 / — European niche perfume specialist, Beautinow, has launched a blog about the history of perfume & fragrances. The blog will cover topics from contributions of ancient civilisations to developments during the modern age. Founder Hengfu Dai says: “While perfumes have become very mainstream in our society, not many people know about the origin of perfumes. Perfume bottles don’t only contain perfume, they also contain thousands of years of fascinating history.”

The newly launched blog is fully free & available through this page: Origin & History of Perfume

Beautinow already launched many interesting posts including the following:
History of Perfumes & Fragrances: A Timeline
Ancient Egypt: Origin of Perfumes

Many more publications will follow, and the company recommends to subscribe to the newsletter if readers want to stay up to date with future releases.

The European perfume retailer also emphasises that the published articles will be freely available. “We’ve invested greatly in a high quality, educational content library, but our publications will remain free, forever. It will never disappear behind a paywall,” says Dai. Beautinow emphasises the main goal of the blog is to educate perfume enthusiasts about history and culture.

Beautinow has also more blogs in the planning. “In the future we will also launch a blog with a collections of perfume shopping guides to either help you find your own signature scent or pick the perfect gift for a special occasion. We look forward to notify the perfume community in the near future,” says Dai.

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