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SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Christine Kozachuk is the founder of the Every Girl Wins Institute and Her Right Initiative. She has retaken center stage on the world stage, this time for her leadership and voice as an advocate for every single girl in the world to win.

Dr. Kozachuk has become a legendary voice in the fight for women and girl empowerment. In the last four years, she has made an impact globally in over 26 nations, establishing a new platform of honor for women. By establishing this platform, she has raised the standard for women globally by highlighting and bringing to the information grids of the world. The culture of honor that Every Girl Wins has established is the first of its kind globally to acknowledge women and raise the standard for the world.

Dr. Kozachuk was asked to speak at the Humanitarian Health Summit 2022 for the World Organization of Natural Medicine. This organization is helping to fulfill the mandate of human rights with the United Nations. Dr. Kozachuk’s presentation was wonderfully laid out as she walked the audience through her journey as a woman leader with all her trials and tribulations to get to the stage she is on today.

Today, her story of being pregnant at 13 to an entrepreneur impacts the world. The story of hope and advocacy in her riveting presentation. A role model for the ages to come. The humanitarian health summit of 2022 has created the greatest stage in the world for humanitarian help for underserved communities and nations. The summit was impeccable and gave hope to the world.

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