Sunny Andrews

Sunny Andrews competes on the national level as a professional with the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness

A full-time medical doctor and a renowned fitness influencer, Sunny Andrews competes on the national level as a professional with the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB). To strengthen and sculpt her abdominal muscles, she swears by the hanging leg raise.

Dr. Sunny Andrews – Successful Physician and Bodybuilder

An individual of Greek heritage, Sunny Andrews was born Sonia Andreou in Ontario, Canada. She played a range of sports as a young girl, but she particularly excelled in soccer and track.

In her early teenage years, she attracted the attention of the USA Olympic Development soccer team. She moved to Michigan as a soccer recruit at age 15 and remained there to earn her undergraduate degree and undertake graduate studies in biomedical science.

Sunny Andrews began bodybuilding while pursuing her medical degree in the Caribbean Island nation of St. Maarten. Crediting bodybuilding with changing her life, she said, “I went from being 95 pounds and being physically weak to 115 pounds and healthy and full of energy.”

During her third year of medical school, she began competing as a bodybuilder and sharing her fitness expertise through social media. After graduating with her Doctor of Medicine, she completed a surgical residency and began working as a surgeon full-time.

Despite the challenges and demands of her medical career, Sunny Andrews has remained quite active as an athlete. While employed as a trauma surgeon, she trained passionately in advance of the Bodybuilding Nationals in November of 2020.

Although she completed a 24-hour shift the day before the competition and had to drive straight from work to the arena, she ultimately placed first in the Wellness Division (a bodybuilding division for females that stresses the lower body more than the arms, chest, and shoulders). She also earned her IFBB credentials as a professional wellness athlete.

The Considerable Benefits of Hanging Leg Raises

Dr. Sunny Andrews loves to share her bodybuilding and general fitness knowledge as both a popular social media influencer and the owner of On Szn, a company that assists a wide range of clients on their own athletic wellness journeys. Among her other areas of expertise, she is particularly adept when it comes to abdominal muscle definition.

In a recent article in the trusted news outlet Insider, Dr. Andrews singled out the hanging leg raise as her favorite abdominal exercise. Speaking to Insider’s senior health reporter Rachel Hosie, she said the hanging leg raise “really engages your lower abs, and with some twists, you can engage your obliques.”

The basic hanging leg raise, as described by Sunny Andrews, involves suspending from an overhead bar, which the participant grasps with his or her hands. Then, the participant lifts his or her legs, keeping them straight, until they make a 90-degree angle with his or her torso. The exercise ends when the participant lowers his or her legs to a complete vertical while taking care to stabilize the body by engaging the abdominal core.

Although the number of recommended reps and sets will depend upon the abilities and goals of the participant, the hanging leg raise is certainly an exercise worth considering for anyone who wants a more sculpted midsection or a rock-hard six-pack.

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