Fidotek’s New Chief Technology Officer Arthur Howarth to Help Dogs Talk

Art Howarth new CTO and Venture Capital Support at Pet Industry Startup Fidotek Corp

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Fidotek’s Patented Smart Home System Helps Dogs Live Happier Healthier Longer

Patented Smart Dog Home a game-changer by Recession-period Startup in Recession-proof $110B Pet Industry

TUCSON, ARIZONA, USA, May 23, 2022 / — Technology pioneer Arthur Howarth has joined Fidotek Corporation as its Chief Technology Officer “(CTO”). Arthur (“Art”) is a prolific patent-holding inventor and early stage to F-100 specialist in transforming entrepreneurial vision to high demand technology- based consumer and commercial products. He will be responsible for end-to-end system architecture and solution development and hardware development of Fidotek’s enterprise platform, and for solidifying relationships with major pet industry online retailers and veterinary groups.

One of Fidotek’s own patent pending innovations Howarth will develop is helping dogs talk, in actual human language phrases through Amazon Alexa and Google smart speakers. Dogs will be able to ask for the food they like best, or to tell their owners when they need to see the veterinarian, all as a result of Fidotek’s proprietary dog data and artificial intelligence.

Howarth’s over thirty years of next-gen technology development spans embedded design and development, large scale sensors, IoT, data monetization, hybrid cloud and large-scale architecture for voice and video networks, Intellectual Property development and strategy as well as corporate Venture Capital.

He has previously held senior technology development positions at Cisco, Linksys, Eicon Networks and numerous technical consulting engagements.

Along the way, he created the new WiFi based embedded hardware/software solution for the Cisco tablet, performed corporate due diligence for 80 acquisitions and over 200 investments, managed global production teams with a $35M budget and lead Internet video streaming interoperability as first Technical Editor of the Internet Streaming Media Association (Apple, Sun, Phillips, IBM and 100 others).

Howarth was also on the USA delegation to MPEG and served on the ISO/SP-100 Working Group and EPCGlobal working with Walmart, P&G, Tyson, Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Rockwell and others to scale mobile sensor ecosystems and transform legacy networks into secure, open and scalable sensor networks.

Andy Gibbs, the company’s CEO and patented tech pioneer is excited about working with Howarth as company approaches the predicted 2023 recession. “As most startups and investors retract in anticipation of a recession, the pet industry stands apart as having been recession-proof for decades, even more so now as Pets are increasingly considered kids. Spending on food, treats and health care is non-discretionary” says Gibbs. “Inflation and recession drive consumers to change brands that offer equivalent quality for less, precisely what our solution will deliver across pet RetailTech, Pet HealthTech and pet InsureTech segments to meet rapidly changing customer preferences.”

Fidotek’s platform is a complex pet data system, referred to as DeepTech, that incorporates proprietary big pet data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice and video analytics and embedded hardware that will hyper-personalize and recommend the best-priced products, pet health insurance and veterinary care. Howarth brings the breadth of unique skills and experience to deliver the company’s game-changing smart pet home ecosystem.

With his strong background in venture capital and M&A, Art is also joining Fidotek’s CXO team to assist Fidotek’s first outside Venture Capital raise.

About Fidotek Corporation

Fidotek Corporation, a patent leader, is driving digital transformation across every segment of the recession-proof $110B Pet Industry with the first connected smart home system for dogs. Its VetTech platform will acquire and use large scale dog data and Artificial Intelligence to deliver the first predictive health diagnostics and veterinarian referral platform to aid in the early identification and treatment of many common canine health and wellness issues. Its Marketplace and InsureTech platforms will also hyper-personalize pet food and treats and durable goods, and recommend pet health insurance products for each individual dog on its network, helping owners find the best-priced products and services their dogs want and need. Fidotek gives dogs a voice to help them live happier, healthier, longer.

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