Dr. Paul Saba M.D. author of book “Made to Live”

Now is the time for countries to promote and broker peace deals between and within countries in conflict and send peacekeepers for the sake of the children

Regardless of the reasons and justifications for war, there is a time when wars must stop and negotiated settlements end the conflicts. ”

— Dr. Paul Saba

MONTREAL, QUEBU, CANADA, January 1, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Blessed are the peacemakers” Jesus, Sermon on the Mount, Bible

“…anyone who saves a single life..saved a whole world.” (Mishnah Sanhedrin 4.5)1

Worldwide there are close to 30 major conflicts within and between countries. According to UNICEF over 400 million children or approximately one out of 6 of the world’s children live in countries affected by violent conflict. Many children are displaced, abused, exploited and trafficked.

Thousands of lives have been lost and many thousand more have been injured. Their homes have been destroyed. Those who have lost loved ones or become separated suffer physically, psychologically, socially and economically now and in the future.

Many lives are lost because of disease and poverty that follows wars and conflicts.

There are multiple reasons that have been given to explain the conflicts and wars and justify their continuance. Some believe that any of these conflicts could precipitate World War III with the risk of deployment of nuclear weapons.

Dr. Saba has first hand experience of working in countries at war or in conflict. These experiences are described in his book “Made to Live.” madetolive.com

Having worked with non governmental health care organizations in war torn Lebanon and Somalia, he saw first hand the important role that peace keepers played in defending health care and humanitarian workers as they tended to the needs of war victims.

In 1983, he opened and operated a medical clinic in Lebanon protected by the international peacekeeping forces of the United States, France, United Kingdom and Italy. These peacekeepers were sent at the request of the Lebanese government.

In 1991, he volunteered in Somalia to provide emergency care under the protection of the United Nations forces.

It was clear in these dangerous conditions, medical care could only be provided safely when healthcare and humanitarian workers were protected by peacekeepers. 

In his book Made to Live, Dr. Saba writes: “we must develop a mindset of proactively caring for all people regardless of their age… during …revolutions, or wars. We must provide all the necessary resources to save life—because every life is valuable, and because we are made to live.” P 131 madetolive.com

According to Dr. Paul Saba: « Regardless of the reasons and justifications for wars, there is a time when wars must stop and negotiated settlements end the conflicts.  Now is the time for countries individually and collectively including the United Nations to take leadership roles to promote peace and help broker peace deals between and within countries in conflict and send peacekeepers especially for the sake of the children who are the most vulnerable of victims.”

Dr. Paul Saba is a family physician who lives in Montreal, Canada. He is a dual citizen of Canada and the United States, having trained and practiced in both countries. Dr. Saba has also practiced internationally in underdeveloped countries including those in conflict. He is the author of Made to Live, which describes a physician’s personal journey to save lives.

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