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Functional Fitness For Students

Apr 15, 2022

The Ultimate Workout Experience at Central Regional School District New Jersey

NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES , April 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Exercising needs to be age-based and suitable for the individual fitness level of the person working out. Starting this summer, the students of Central Regional School District New Jersey will be offered a brand new MoveStrong fitness site, focusing on functional movements and strength based activities for various age groups.

Central Regional School District in New Jersey is one of numerous school districts all over the United States that shares MoveStrong’s vision of promoting healthy habits at a young age. Together, they came up with a setup, that will give all students the opportunity to not only increase their balance, agility, endurance and coordination, but also have fun and build self-esteem.

To suit as many different ages and fitness levels as possible, the training site will be divided into four different zones, clearly separated by differently colored turf.

An accessible area for elementary school and special education students will form the first zone, focusing on their abilities and needs.

Zone number two is going to be a designated stretch and conditioning area, featuring battle ropes, heavy bags, cardio stations and an elevate trainer station. All the equipment concentrates on the user gaining proper strength to increase mobility, correct posture, learn new movements and enhance condition.

Working on agility, speed and coordination is the core value of the third zone. A four-lane 150-yard sprint station and agility track, ladder and dot drills, a 40-yard dash and drive sled push allow for an enjoyable workout while improving movement skills and body awareness.

The training site is rounded off with a MoveStrong Functional Fitness and Obstacle course area. Six fitness obstacles, combined with a tire flip station as well as push-up and parallel bars ensure a fun challenge for students all ages.

To clearly identify each zone, and use it properly, differently colored turf and training graphics are applied on each area. Additionally, all students can take advantage of visual instructions via the mobile trainer – after scanning the QR code on a tool, they’ll be provided with a video explanation of the equipment and exercises to perform with it.

Schools all over the country use MoveStrong fitness equipment to add a focus on physical education to the learning environment. The company’s experience and expertise in rendering and layout detail planning for multi-purpose use, combined with the student’s and teachers ideas, creates unique fitness sites for any training need, location and budget.

About Company

– MoveStrong offers customized gym equipment, outdoor fitness courses, training accessories, and apparel.

– We accompany all customers through the whole project with the support of budget, design, layout, construction, installation, equipment configuration, and education on the final fitness site for the most efficient use.

– Mainly industrial customers for outdoor fit ground and obstacle courses, including recreation centers, parks, health clubs, schools, military, fire and EMT, law enforcement, obstacle course races

– Made in USA

For further information and media inquiries visit www.movestrongfit.com or call toll free at 855-728-8700.

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