How Yahoo! Lost $120 Billion Dollars

How does a company go from being the $125 Billion darling of the dotcom boom to little more than a punchline in just a few short years? The story of Yahoo!’s downfall is littered with hubris, bad design, outsized egos and almost comically unfortunate mis-steps.

So join us today as we venture back in time to the colourful world of the early internet and examine the rise, and fall, of Yahoo!

Back in the dim and distant days of 1994, Stanford classmates Jerry Yang and David Filo sacked off their important studies to lark around a bit on the newfangled information superhighway. In those days internet users had to search pretty hard before they happened upon anything worthwhile, so the public-spirited pair decided to do everyone a favour by creating a humble, personally curated directory of their own best-loved websites. This went on to be called ‘Jerry and David’s Guide To The World Wide Web.’

The Rise And Fall of Yahoo!

originally published at Retail - RSV News