Introducing the Smartest Automatic Pet Door powered with AI


Petvation comes with a dedicated app that allows users to control the opening and closing of doors from anywhere.

SONGSHAN LAKE HIGH-TECH INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ZONE, DONGGUAN, CHINA , June 10, 2022 / — The world is well-aware of the Americans’ obsession with pets. And this obsession is only increasing by the day. According to Statista, Millennials represent the biggest share of pet owners in the United States (32 percent), followed by Baby Boomers (27 percent). But here’s the problem. Pet owners find it difficult to be available 24×7 for their pets. While flap pet doors provide a solution, they give rise to many other issues like risk from other cats and dogs in the neighborhood, kids’ safety issues, wear and tear in extreme weather conditions, regular maintenance of the flap, etc.

Launching soon on Kickstarter, Petvation’s smart door is a product that solves all these and more problems faced by flap pet door owners. In an era of all things automatic, Petvation offers a turnkey solution for owners whose pets have trouble going in and out as they please. Petvation is powered by cutting-edge facial recognition technology that lets pets safely enter and exit the home while keeping away other animals from the neighborhood.

Petvation uses advanced animal facial recognition technology powered by a robust database to determine if the animal approaching is a dog or cat. Thankfully, pet owners no longer need to deal with the anxiety of their child’s safety or the feeling of coming back home to find an uninvited guest hiding inside.

Speaking about the disruptive product technology of the smart pet door, Eric Jiang, CEO of Petvation, said, “Pet technology today remains insufficient and inexcusably behind the needs of their problems compared with that of human tech? With more than ten years of experience in the home appliance industry, our mission is to open the door to new possibilities in the smart pet appliance world.”

Petvation comes with a dedicated app that allows users to control the opening and closing of doors from literally anywhere. With the help of smart controls and adjustable timings, the users can pro-actively decide if they want their pets to be able to enter and exit at a particular time.

Unlike other electrical pet doors, Petvation comes with foolproof technology and extra sensors to ensure that the pet is fully out of the way before closing.

The smart door uses an aluminum alloy and an ultra-quiet motor that eliminates the irritating sound of the gate while opening and closing. Petvation offers a unique design with a vertical lift door and a special control mode for cat face detection. What’s more- the app gives users active notifications whenever their pet uses the door. This way, pet owners can also monitor their pet’s activity over time. Petvation is suitable for all types of doors, easy to install, and offers stronger resistance.


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Petvation was developed by a team of technical experts and pet owners who’ve set out to create new possibilities for cats and their humans through advanced technologies. We take a scientific approach to reimagining pet essentials and how they’re made to give pets and owners peace of mind while finding value in the products they use.

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