BIRMINGHAM, WEST MIDLANDS, ENGLAND, May 4, 2022 / — As we fully embrace the “new normal” as far as the Covid-19 pandemic’s concerned, it seems a long time since schools were closed across the board during the first lockdown. For students preparing to sit their GCSE’s this May, their last full uninterrupted school year was 2018-2019, when they would have been in Year 8.

These students chose their GCSE options whilst schools were closed.

They undertook their first Year 10 lessons with the constant threat of bubble closures and intermittent returns to online learning. They faced another month long absence in January 2021.

Of course, this academic year has provided them with far more stability; however, they have constantly been playing catch-up in a system already struggling with the demands of post-pandemic learning.

It’s therefore little wonder there has been a huge increase in parents, carers and students choosing to access online tutoring in a bid to give them a leg up as far as academic progress is concerned. Tutorspot is one organisation providing exceptional tutoring support by taking advantage of the new remote culture we’ve had to adopt post 2020.

Students can simply search for tutors based on subject, followed by academic level, for example, “GCSE Chemistry tutors” and they will be provided with a wide variety of results. The tutors selected to work for Tutorspot are all experts in their chosen field, and come from diverging backgrounds.

Some tutors may be retired, having spent years teaching their chosen subject, whilst others may still be working full-time in schools. There is also an option to choose a tutor with extensive industry experience, or perhaps one who has recently been through the educational and testing system themselves.

With the increased accessibility of virtual classrooms and meetings, geography is no longer a barrier to accessing high quality tutoring support designed to compliment your day to day classroom studies. If your preferred tutor isn’t based locally to you, it no longer matters – all you need to do is agree a date and time for sessions, and these will all be arranged online.

That’s not to say you can only access GCSE tuition online. Here at Tutorspot we’re delighted to be able to offer face to face sessions for those students who benefit from this kind of learning environment. The benefit is that now, you have a choice based on your needs and preferences.

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