Robert Rumble’s newly released “Thesila Prophecy” is an interactive multimedia fantasy book that talks about dreams…

Thesila Prophecy

Robert Rumble

“Thesila Prophecy” from Book Vine Press author Robert Rumble is a fascinating tale that tells a story of dreams, hopes, and fears.

..putting QR codes along with links in the book allowing the reader to quickly go to the site if they question the world. Making it one of the very few interactive fantasy books on the market today.”

— Robert Rumble

PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2022 / — “Thesila Prophecy”: is a riveting novel about a man who found himself in a world that is too deadly for him. The book is well-crafted, knowing that it unfolds a mystery that can give everyone the best reading experience. “Thesila Prophecy” is the creation of published author Robert Rumble, an Uber driver whose interests include hiking and backpacking.

Rumble writes, “Somewhere between dreams and reality, between the astral and the physical planes, lies the world of Hauv Pem. Where imaginations, dreams, hopes, and fears intertwine into the tapestry of life. Long ago, ancient magicians grew cities from the ground but disappeared over 2,000 years ago, taking the knowledge with them. Over time the magical energies wane, leaving structures useless or in decay. There is hope. Thesila Prophecy tells of a naj tewb (off-worlder) that will return the Thesila Princess as a Queen. Together they will restore moon staves and bring back the wizards of old.

“When the nej tewb, Mashaun finds himself in a magical world, he is joined by other off-worlders. Stranded and confused in a land where sword and sorcery are real and deadly, they wander the realm searching for a way home. Mashaun rescues the forgotten spirit bow Dalistra, unaware that one innocuous act is the first part of Thesila’s prophecy. Along the way, they develop friendships, find allies and enemies. The wizard Magdalenia has been working to prevent the prophecy, but now she must find a way to stop it. Will they find a way home, or fulfill the prophecy or will Magdalenia stop them?”

Published by Book Vine Press, Rumble’s new book will surely leave the readers in awe as every page unfolds a mystery that brings them to a new, magical world.

Through this book, the author wants the readers to enjoy reading a story with a jaw-dropping plot.

From the Author:

“If you would have told me in high school that I would be a published author, I would have laughed. Asked what you were smoking and if you were going to share. That was before it was legal. But, here I am. It started as a reoccurring dream, and after writing it down I went back to read my notes. After reading three or four sparsely written chapters, I was curious how the story was going to end. It took me a short time to write the first draft, and then I sat on it for years, not knowing my next move. Actually, I didn’t want to put it out there for anybody to read. Once I decided to publish it, I wanted to make it a little different. I had developed a companion website with lots of world information, including character backstories, maps, charts, tables, and more. One of my riders suggested putting QR codes along with links in the book allowing the reader to quickly go to the site if they question the world. Making it one of the very few interactive fantasy books on the market today. “

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