Scuti’s Reward Marketplace in DeadMau5 game

Wolf72’s arcade of games for DeadMau5 and Kaskade to offer players rewarded commerce

Scuti is honored to have been selected to power the Wolf72 games arcade with our gCommerce platform and look forward to rewarding music fans the world over.”

— Nicholas Longano

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2022 / — Scuti, the interoperable player rewards, and game commerce (gCommerce) platform, has partnered with Wolf72 to provide a rewarded play and gCommerce marketplace to players throughout the Wolf72 arcade.

Wolf72’s arcade includes dozens of licensed browser-based video games based on their artist’s IP, including DeadMau5, Kaskade, Kx5, Uncle Kracker, One BC, and many more to be announced soon. The Wolf72 arcade showcases simple to play and arcade-style 2-D platformer games that are free to play for their artists’ fans. The company has found a unique and classic way to engage an artists’ audience through fun, addictive experiences, and drive new revenues through Scuti’s gCommerce and advertising platform.

Rather than interrupt gameplay and force players to watch interstitials, Wolf72 has opted to integrate Scuti’s leading-edge retention and conversion platform to tap into the $5 trillion online commerce market without disrupting the player’s gameplay. Through Scuti’s platform, players will be rewarded for every engagement and be able to purchase curated products from top brands, as well as Wolf72’s branded merch from their artists, directly through the Scuti store.

Stirling McIlwaine, (CEO of Wolf72) said, “Scuti is the perfect monetization partner for Wolf72 as we create unique gaming experiences for fans of their favorite artists and entertainment brands. As we roll out dozens and dozens of custom HTML5 branded games in the coming months, Scuti’s platform will provide numerous opportunities for commercialization across multiple revenue channels.”

Through Scuti, players discover fully curated products and promotional offers from top brands directly from their games. Players received brand-fueled rewards with every engagement and purchase through the Scuti marketplace. Scuti$ that are redeemable for in-game purchases, physical products, converted to any game’s native currency, or gifted from one player to the next.

“Scuti and Wolf72 is the perfect partnership at the perfect time,” said Marc Fonzetti, Scuti CRO & CMO, “Video Games and Music are both pillars of pop-culture and personal passions, a place where any brand would like to have positive involvement and attribution. Scuti creates a symbiotic ecosystem, where brand-fueled rewards add to Wolf72 players’ gaming experiences, without interrupting their immersion and enjoyment. It’s a win-win-win: brands sell their products to targeted players and build equity by rewarding them for each purchase; players win by having brands literally subsidize their gaming experience when they convert their Scuti$ for in-game currency, and Wolf72 wins with Scuti’s innovative and non-obtrusive monetization system.”


Scuti is the pioneer in gCommerce and the world’s first universal rewards marketplace, accessed through video games and metaverses in the Scuti network. Scuti’s marketplace provides players direct access to curated products, promotional offers, and exciting rewards that can be redeemed for in-game virtual items, exchanged for native currency or used to purchase any physical goods in the Scuti catalog.

Scuti was founded by Nicholas Longano and built by a team of video game veterans to provide game makers with the most lucrative and accretive revenue streams, bring players universal rewards to enhance their gaming experiences, and allow brands a direct advertisIng and sales platform to reach the elusive gaming audience.

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Wolf72 is the premier HTML5 custom games studio that launched its arcade earlier this spring. Wolf72 strategically sits at the intersection of entertainment and gamification, creating one-of-a-kind gaming experiences for fans to engage their favorite artists and entertainers. Wolf72 empowers fans to game-play to try and place on game leader-boards in order to win prizes that money can’t buy from their favorite artists. Wolf72 recognizes the special relationship between artists and their fans and provides an opportunity for engagement that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

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