Shopkhoj explores the magic of shopping in the French Quarters in Pondicherry

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Shopkhoj takes you on a tour though the best shops in Pondicherry.

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, April 20, 2022 / — When you walk through Rue Roman Rolland or Rue du Bazar Saint Laurent in Pondicherry, India, chances are that you will think you are in a French town. The fact is, the French Quarters in Pondicherry is in a time warp & distinctly different from the rest of Pondicherry.(

The beautiful town of Pondicherry lies on the Coromandel Coast of India , 160 kms South of Chennai. The French traders settled in Pondicherry in 1674. Subsequently, the French occupied & ruled Pondicherry for nearly 300 years. It was only in 1954 that Pondicherry became a Union Territory of India.

It is a quiet port town which has preserved the look & feel of a French port. The beaches of Pondicherry, the promenade ,the old light house, the old port house now called the ‘Le Café’, the old customs House and the French Quarters ( )are strikingly quaint & beautiful.The mix of French & Indian architecture in Pondicherry is unique . Some of the local residents still speak French.
Shopping in French Quarters
One can take a walk in the French Quarters and visit some beautiful shops such as Janaki (, which stocks ceramic pottery, wooden furniture, cotton dresses, & candles, Cluny Embroidery Center ( for embroidered home furnishings , Geethanjali ( Curio Center ( )for antique furniture. It is a beautiful experience.

In addition to the French Quarters, the Tamil Quarters and Auroville ,( are two other well-known shopping areas of Pondicherry.

Tamil Quarters
The Tamil Quarters ( similar to any other market area that you can find in South Indian cities. Hi Design, ( is a globally known leather goods company ,is head quartered here .


Auroville, is a township near Pondicherry. It was set up by Mirra Alfassa , a French National who was a follower of Shri Aurobindo. The Aurobindo Ashram, which was founded by Shri Aurobindo has its headquarters in Pondicherry. It is a centre for meditation & spirituality.Auroville has encouraged sustainable manufacturing practices and several international entrepreneurs have manufacturing units here.Garments, candles, shoes, paper lanterns ,perfumed candles and musical instruments are some of the products that are manufactured here. It is a township and a beautiful place .

Pondicherry Shopping: Best Things To Buy

What you are likely to find in Pondicherry are leather goods, dresses in cotton, designer wear dresses, perfumed candles, bath products, paper lamps &products, pottery, home décor & furniture. All these items are manufactured in Auroville . Moreover, products manufactured in Auroville town are considered among the finest in the entire country.

Further, Kashmiri Carpets, shawls, semi precious stones & silver jewellery , are all available here as it is a popular tourist destination.

There is definitely more to the coastal city of Pondicherry than just relaxing and discovering inner peace. Do visit this beautiful port town in India.

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