TetherMint Finance Announces May 1 Private Sale of $TMF

TetherMint Finance is the first and only auto staking protocol with a triple rewards ecosystem

LAHORE, LAHORE, PAKISTAN, May 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — $TMF is revolutionizing the multi-chain yield farming space by being the first token ever to offer its holders Three Profitable Reward Streams. In exchange for 1.5% of the total supply, participants in this sale will receive a guaranteed 2.5x and up to 5.5x return on investment than Fair Launch Participants. The system also offers free NFT mints.

TetherMint will launch with a market cap of $4+ Million, ensuring enough liquidity for users and ample upside potential.

TetherMint Finance is the premiere decentralized finance protocol that offers cutting-edge solutions for cryptocurrency investors worldwide. Unlike other DeFi protocols, TMF offers a Triple Rewards Ecosystem that provides users with incredible benefits and opportunities. The platform’s revolutionary APY of 383,964% means that you can earn massive returns on your holdings at a rate that cannot be matched elsewhere. Additionally, it provides 7% USDT reflection rewards on all holdings, further increasing profits.

TetherMint Finance has three cores that differentiate it from the rest of the highly unrealistic and overhyped DeFi 3.0 Projects. The features are carefully designed and interconnected to ensure the project reaches new highs every day. The three cores of TetherMint Finance are the following: $TMF Auto Staking & Compounding Protocol, $TMF USDT Reflector Protocol, and $TMF Billionaires NFT Collection. These three cores are responsible for the biggest and the only sustainable DeFi 3.0 project yet.

TetherMint Finance’s USDT Reflector Protocol is designed to increase liquidity and provide users with the best rates. Seven percent of the fees are diverted to the USDT Reflector, which is responsible for paying out USDT rewards every 1 hour. Every time a trade is conducted, the portion of the fees is sent to the USDT Reflector Protocol. The protocol then sends USDT reflection rewards to all the $TMF Token holders according to the number of tokens they hold. The Reflector does this every hour, so users earn passive USDT reflections 24 times a day, 8760 times per year.

TetherMint’s Billionaire NFT collection program offers free mints for some of the rarest and most valuable NFTs, allowing users to become crypto billionaires.

The $TMF token is a versatile, elastic supply token that is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users. With an initial token supply of 100 million tokens, this innovative cryptocurrency offers a well-balanced distribution model that considers key stakeholders’ needs. Of the total token supply, 40% is dedicated to a fair launch via a Pink sale event, while another 20% is locked in a liquidity pool for 180 days. Additional allocations include team tokens with a 9-month vesting schedule, investor private sale tokens with vesting, marketing wallets, and airdrops and giveaways. Finally, the remaining token supply will be sent directly to an incinerator pit for burning. Overall, the flexible $TMF token offers unparalleled opportunities for all types of users and sets the standard for today’s dynamic digital economy.

TetherMint Finance has announced a private sale of 150 BNB tokens. The sale will be held on May 1, 2022, at 9 pm UTC. For more information, visit https://linktr.ee/tethermintbsc or view their smart contract and KYC certificate.


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