Summer in SoCal releases July 15th 2022

Val Vicious from the O.C.

Tonice Mon’a from S.D.

The Cassingle goes live July 15th

The cassingle

The First Solo Single by the Five1Hero May Leave You in Sandy Flip Flops

…this really all just clicked together, and I think we are all excited about the outcome and potential.””

— The Five1Hero

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2022 / — The Five1Hero, the executive producer of the global hip hop collaborative, Renegades Worldwide, and owner of Fresh Cut Wax LLC, has just launched his first ‘chilling’ single, Summer in SoCal. Chilling because the laid-back vibes make you want to grab a cooler and some friends and head to a beach in “SoCal” (Southern California). The unceremonious groove combines the classic boom bap beats we are used to hearing from the Five1Hero, along with bass from John the Fawn Doe, and cool keys laid out by James Keys. Representative of his production style, you can picture these three live, either at an outdoor music festival or even a small night club or brewery jamming away.

The track features 2 female rappers, Val Vicious from Orange County, and Tonice Mon’a from San Diego, along with Astrud xo, laying the melody for a smoking hot hook. Up and comer, Astrud XO opens the track with her sultry sweltering voice and scorching lyrics “Summer in SoCal, Sunkissed where we dwell, cutting swells, raising hell, It’s a Summer in SoCal”. You are automatically transported into a setting with a sizzling sun, and a beach filled with hot bodies drenched in suntan oil you can almost smell. If you don’t know why they call it a ‘hook’ listen to this song and you will get hooked instantly.

Val Vicious, an OC Weekly featured rapper, artist, and producer, then takes over with the first verse letting us know how it is done in Orange County, and no, we aren’t talking Disneyland. In true West Coast style, she flawlessly breaks down the O. C. scene with passion and conviction. Then we head to San Diego, where S.D. native and up-and-coming freestyle rapper/model, breaks it down with a solid beach flow that will automatically start a party if played loud enough.

“This was a little bit of a last-minute idea I had in wanting to release something for the Summer as a first and completely separate track from the upcoming album, and while I was born and raised in ’NorCal’ I have spent a LOT of time down in ‘SoCal’ and love it there and know the California vibe for sure” explains executive producer ‘Hero. “I wanted to do something with new rappers that are completely separate from Renegades Worldwide and a whole different feel for the track. I also wanted to work with both Val and Tonice for some time, as well as Astrud XO, so this really all just clicked together, and I think we are all excited about the outcome and potential.”

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