the NFT taking Electronic Music to New Heights

The NFT collection is tailored specifically for music lovers from around the world.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 19, 2022 / — The creators of the Back to Space conglomerate are pleased to announce the launch of their first collection called Space Blasterz.

Space Blasterz is a collective movement with the mission to take electronic music to new heights in the NFT space. The project’s first collection of 5555 Blasterz will come together to be a part of the “Back to Space” family, which includes the exclusive Blasterz Room gathering and festival. 555 holders, or named Chosen Blasterz, will not only become part of an engaging community that will host many events and gatherings for electronic fans, but will also be rewarded by being a shareholder in all future projects, including receiving part of the profits obtained from promotional events as airdrops. Additionally, a percentage of the profits will be distributed in the community fund for purchase of more gifts to raffle. The 5,000 OG Blasterz can also profit from all raffles and gifts, too.

“Simply by holding one of our dynamic NFTs, our members will experience a host of different benefits that we are excited to share,” says a spokesperson for Space Blasterz. “For example, members can obtain ticket raffles to famous festivals and events, free tickets to all of our future events around the world, access to limited edition merch, random NFT and ETH airdrops to go on vacation, and most importantly, they will all be treated like a shareholder in the empire we’re building. This includes being rewarded from all of our promotional online or IRL events, as well as having voting power in some details of our future projects. Also, chosen shareholders will receive one year free for a music streaming platform, too.”

Another unique feature of Space Blasterz is the ‘Back to Space radio.’ The ‘Back to Space radio’ will be available on major streaming platforms, such as Twitch, YouTube Live, and other platforms chosen by the project’s DAO. DJs will play the hottest sets based on the community’s taste, with live events also being hosted, of which all the profits will be dedicated to the community fund.

“Our community is surely our most important asset,” the spokesperson states. “Without having a real community to back us up, we surely won’t be able to execute the projects that we have planned for. For that reason, we have made sure that all our projects are tailored around our community – and in a way they can feel like a real shareholder and a member of the Back to Space family.”

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