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Fleksa POS

Fleksa Reservation System

Fleksa Reservation System

Fleksa is an all-in-one solution that helps restaurants create their own unique ordering and reservation system, with a branded website and app.

One way to support local restaurants is by ordering directly on their website, you’re not only getting food that is usually fresher and tastier, but you’re also helping to keep people employed.”

— Team Fleksa

GERMANY, November 12, 2022 / — Fleksa is the only all-in-one solution for restaurants that helps them make more money. Fleksa helps restaurants create their own unique ordering and reservation system, as well as their own branded website and app. With Fleksa, restaurants can take control of their online presence and increase their profits. Fleksa is the only platform that provides everything a restaurant needs to succeed online. Fleksa makes it easy for restaurants to take orders, manage reservations, and accept payments. Fleksa’s features are designed to help restaurants increase their sales and streamline their operations. Fleksa is the perfect solution for any restaurant that wants to take its business to the next level.

Fleksa was created by restaurateurs for restaurateurs in order to consolidate ordering and guest engagement tools. The company’s learnings from 1M processed orders were used to redevelop a product suite that answers operators’ current problems across restaurant tech. The new product unveiling took place after a year-long process, during which the company gathered feedback and input from restaurateurs. With the new Fleksa suite, operators will have more control over their ordering and guest engagement processes, making it easier to run their restaurants smoothly and efficiently. fleksa provides a much needed solution for busy restaurateurs who want to streamline their operations. By consolidating various restaurant tech tools into one easy-to-use platform, fleksa gives restaurateurs the power to run their businesses the way they want to. With fleksa, there are no more headaches or hassles when it comes to ordering and guest engagement. Instead, fleksa provides a simple, effective solution that will help operators streamline their restaurant operations and improve their bottom line.

In today’s restaurant industry, it’s more important than ever to have a strong online presence. That’s why Fleksa is committed to providing the most comprehensive platform possible for restaurant businesses to grow their revenue, automate guest expansion, and elevate their digital guest experience from end-to-end. By rebuilding the platform from scratch, Fleksa has been able to create a unique solution that bridges any and all gaps between tech stacks and the restaurant industry. With Fleksa, restaurants can focus on what they do best – providing an amazing dining experience for their guests – while we take care of the rest. Whether it’s online ordering, reservations, or loyalty programs, Fleksa has you covered.

With new launch of Fleksa products, restaurants will gain access to both new and upgraded features:

1. Website and App for Restaurants: Over 70% of guests now order directly from their mobile devices, so it’s more important than ever for businesses to have a mobile-friendly ordering platform. Fleksa has been engineered with mobile in mind, and it offers a sleek, user-friendly interface that makes ordering on the go quick and easy. Guests can browse your menu, view item photos and descriptions, and place their order with just a few taps. And because Fleksa integrates with your existing POS system, there’s no need to set up a separate account or learn a new system. Whether you’re running a quick-service restaurant, a coffee shop, or a retail business

2. Marketing tools: Aallows restaurants to engage directly with their guests. With fleksa, restaurants can send personalized emails, mobile app push notifications, and SMS messages to their guests. Fleksa also allows restaurants to track the engagement of their guests. fleksa is a powerful marketing tool that allows restaurants to deliver stronger personalized messages to their guests.

3. Loyalty program: That generates 5X more repeat guests across its lifetime, turning guests into brand loyalists. fleksa is the most flexible, personalized loyalty program available, allowing guests to customize their rewards and benefits to fit their individual needs and preferences. With fleksa, there are no blackout dates or restrictions – guests can redeem their rewards anytime, anywhere.

4. Fleksa Pilot: Integrations are a crucial part of any restaurant technology stack, and Fleksa has made it easier than ever to get up and running with over 100 integrations. In just minutes, you can have direct access to operators with no need to deploy any code. And because our platform is cloud-based, you can be sure that your data will be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems.

5. And Much More: Fleksa provides restaurants with access to 100’s of features across their new product suite. This includes features like online ordering system, Online Reservation System, and menus. fleksa also provides access to a wide range of analytics tools, which can help restaurants track their performance and make necessary improvements. In addition, Fleksa offers a variety of marketing and loyalty programs, which can help restaurants attract and retain customers. With so many features available, Fleksa is an essential tool for any restaurant looking to improve their operations.

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