The School of Biz Launches the First Behavioral-Awareness App Designed for Entrepreneurs: Growthdrivers

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Subscribers gain access to five-step formula integrating logic, emotions, & actions. A new contest enables winners to take the course free of charge!

Growthdrivers helped us figure out how to focus on what we do well — and our business prospered. We’re so glad to have a behavioral-awareness app designed for entrepreneurs like us.”

— Bedorf Prince Team Lead Justin Prince

MILLBURN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2022 / — Entrepreneurs just got a new edge: The School of Biz just launched the first behavioral-awareness app designed specifically for entrepreneurs. Growthdrivers improves entrepreneurs’ awareness of their behavioral patterns, as well as how those patterns affect their circumstances and the attainment of their goals.

Growthdrivers, accessible through an Internet browser as well as iOS and Android devices, guides users through mental exercises that reveal the underlying beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that have been hindering them. Growthdrivers then helps users design effective strategies to break through those obstacles. The app’s five-step formula enables users to choreograph the mindset they need to execute their plans — not just once, but again and again.

“We’re so glad to have a behavioral-awareness app designed for entrepreneurs like us,” said Bedorf Prince Team Lead Justin Prince. “Growthdrivers helped us connect the dots on what we were doing and what we needed to do to get closer to our goals. We identified the tasks we hadn’t even realized were draining our energy, figured out how to focus on what we do well — and our business prospered.”

Among the unique features Growthdrivers offers:

· A text-to-speech mantras engine that offers unbiased perspectives on past introspections

· Goals acknowledge the past and plan for tomorrow

· Projects track personal development of your mindset and your business

· Your entire team can use the app in order to coordinate elite performance

· Leaderboards make behavioral awareness a team sport

“Most coaches and educational institutions are idea factories,” said The School of Biz Co-Founder and President Ted Wolf. “They might give you new ideas and help you devise exceptional strategies, but they don’t help you develop the skills you need to implement those ideas — probably because they don’t know how. Elite Entrepreneurs have the right mindset, strategies, and implementation skills. We built Growthdrivers to help you achieve all three. We’re gratified to hear successful businesspeople like Justin Prince credit Growthdrivers for their success.”

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