U.S. Based NGO Pushes for Sanctions Against Nigerian President Buhari’s Administration

Coalition formed to pressure Biden administration to disinvite Nigerian president from attending U.S./African leaders Summit for Human Rights Violations

The Rule of law in any society is king, and the king is not the Law.”

— Biafran leaders

WASHINGTON, DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, USA, November 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — On the heels of successive rulings by the Apex court of Appeals and High Court of Abia State Nigeria, respectively, the Friends of Nigeria are echoing the courts decisions and placing direct demands for Nigerian president Buhari and his administration to immediately release Biafran leader and political prisoner Mr. Nnamdi Kanu. In September 2017, the Nigerian military invaded the home of Mazi Kanu, with the intent to arrest him on questionable grounds.

The Nigerian government was sued and found guilty for invading Mazi Kanu’s home and violating his fundamental human right. In January 2022, Nigeria was ordered to pay Mazi Kanu 1Billion Naira, and apologize to him:

Till this day, the government or their Army is yet to comply with Court Order. In July 2022, the United Nations Working Group in Geneva, after hearing the case on Extra Ordinary Rendition and the Arbitrary Detention of Mazi Kanu, ordered the Nigerian government and President Buhari, to release Mazi Kanu Immediately and Unconditionally:

The Biafran led Friends of Nigeria has also begun a fully open and transparent campaign in the United States to call for sanctions or any other justified pressure to be brought to bear against Nigeria for a litany of allegations to include— the false imprisonment of political prisoner Nnamdi Kanu and other political opposition leaders, torture, and the persecution of Christians by a growing radicalized Islamic movement engulfing Nigeria:

Moreover, ahead of the upcoming U.S./African leaders meeting slated for December 13-15 in Washington, DC, the Friends of Nigeria coalition will press U.S. President Joe Biden to disinvite Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari from attending the meeting on the aforementioned grounds unless President Buhari obeys the standing Court Order of Nigeria’s Appeal Court and The United Nation Working Group Judgement delivered July 2022 to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Immediately and Unconditionally. “Even as the Judiciary must rely on the Executive to enforce its judgements against the government, it is not the authority of the Court that is at stake when the executive refuses to comply. Instead, it is the authority of the entire State that is called into question” – Attorney Aloy Ejimako. Lead Counsel to Mazi Kanu.

Further, the Friends of Nigeria is calling on the United Nations Committee Against Torture and Chairman Claude Heller to open a full investigation into the human rights violations of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu. To date, the government of Nigerian President Buhari has refused to allow the legal team for Mr. Kanu to access their client, and the government has also refused to allow Mr. Kanu’s personal physician to administer any medical assistance. An appeal to the International Red Cross has also been effectuated. “The combination of tricuspid valve regurgitation, left ventricular hypertrophy and hypokalemia makes the prognosis or the outcome to be poor if there is no urgent surgical intervention in a specialist center with excellent capacity.”- Dr. C Fine Okorochukwu, Director, Pink Rose Hospital. Umuahia in Abia State Nigeria. ” The Court system remains the last hope for common man and the oppressed. The Rule of law in any society is king, and the king is not the Law. President Buhari is yet, to validate this fact, by simply obeying the Law and releasing Mazi Kanu. Till he does, we, the law-abiding leaders of Biafra and members of The Ambassadors for Self Determination, respectfully ask President Biden to disinvite Buhari to the upcoming president’s summit in DC. To do otherwise will be a mockery of fundamental human right of Mazi Kanu, and the entire Indigenous people who has suffered untold genocide under president Buhari’s regime “– Biafran leaders.

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