Yahoo Bans Telecommuting – Is This Wrong?

Telecommuting – is it the future of office work….or should it really be the “present day” of office work? Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer famously banned telecommuting for Yahoo…a technology company. Should she have done that? Does that make the company look bad; a laughable competitor to Google? Is it hypocritical that she has a daycare near her? Showing up and punching a clock is the traditional way to “go to work.” but is it really the best way?

Check it all out in this clip, and stay tuned for the full episode out later this week on The Point.

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Host: Ana Kasparian

Bob Harris (Author, The International Bank of Bob)
Christopher Ryan (Author, Sex at Dawn)
Catie Lazarus (Writer, Host of Employee of the Month podcast)

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originally published at Retail - RSV News