Flying in the Year of Traveling Dangerously

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Travel-Intel looks into strange trends in airline safety and guns on planes

Travel is an industry unto itself with all manner of tips and trends that need to be curated and watched to make the often chaotic times of travel, smooth and purposeful.”

— Lark Gould

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 23, 2023/ — It doesn’t take a jump-up scene with Liam Neeson to sense the ongoing danger of boarding flights with passengers that smuggle firearms onto flights. Often it is a simple mistake, an oversight with major consequences. Other times it is a purposeful act as the nation continues to split and polarize in strange and inexplicable ways.

Travel-Intel looks at these trends, the types of incidents that have made the headlines of late, the airports to avoid and what measures are in process to mitigate these dangers.

The latest issue of Travel-Intel, sent monthly to travel experts and advisors around the world, also looks at Saudi Arabia and what seems to be an unexpected welcoming of LGBTQ visitors for the first time. The momentous move signals a trend within the insular desert kingdom of opening up to new freedoms and a catapulting of regional mores into the 21st century.

Other articles in the May 2023 issue of Travel-Intel include a feature on Nayarit in Mexico, which is gaining popularity with U.S. travelers but maintaining a solid handle on preserving local culture, especially in scenic “Magic Towns” near Puerto Vallarta where it is possible to experience the centuries within the architecture, tales and scenic wonders.

In more contemporary concerns, Travel-Intel seeks answers to whether electric vehicles, or EVs, can compete with gasoline and hybrid vehicles when it comes to the comforts and rigors of the Great American Roadtrip.

Finally, Travel-Intel turns a wistful gaze to the world of Disney theme parks, which are saying good bye to the legendary Splash Mountain days at the end of the month and adding to a long list of vanishing Disney rides over the decades. And for those concerned about disappearing attractions and fading history in America, Travel-Intel lists the 11 most endangered destinations in the U.S. — where to go and what to visit right now … before you can’t.

Travel-Intel is written by travel industry journalists and focuses on changing trends in travel. Stories come from a variety of places and perspectives, including inside track information from travel industry conferences and expos, or first-person experiences at popular hotels, reports from exotic resorts, cruise ships and ports, and explorations of destinations near and far. Current issues and archives can be viewed at

“Travel is an industry unto itself with all manner of tips and trends that need to be curated and watched to make the often chaotic fortunes of travel, smooth and purposeful,” says Lark Gould, editor at Travel-Intel. “We watch those trends and find those tips to ensure travelers have a certain amount of control over their plans. We work with travel agents to better advise their clients and with consumers to know what is available to them and know what questions to ask.”

As a veteran travel journalist who has been covering the travel industry for nearly 40 years, Lark Gould puts her incisive perspective into regular travel features and news updates, and great travel deals to be found at hotels and resort locations worldwide. Gould egularly publishes travel stories in Business Traveler USA, mostly covering the aviation industry.

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