Gaimin Gladiators’ DOTA2 Team qualifies for WEU DPC Lima Major

Lima Major

Gaimin Lima Major

Gaimin Lima Major

Gaimins’ esports organization, Gaimin Gladiators qualify for DOTA2 Lima Major after a successful showing at TI in Singapore.

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, February 17, 2023 / — Gaimin Gladiators’ DOTA2 Team qualifies for WEU DPC Lima Major.

GAIMIN (, the world’s leader in delivering decentralised, distributed data processing power and owner of Gaimin Gladiators ( today announces their DOTA2 esports team has qualified for the WEU DPC Lima Major.

Gaimin Gladiators’ esports organisation was formed in 2022 and has gone from success to success. Following successful qualification for TI in Singapore, the DOTA2 team slightly modified its team formation for 2023, introducing Quinn into its playing roster and changing its coach to Cy. The team has now qualified for the WEU DPC Major in Lima, starting 23rd February 2023.

This is a significant milestone for the DOTA2 team as it springboards their entry into the 2023 season, consolidating the new team and creating significant brand recognition for BNB Chain, Kaiyun and Stoneforged. In 2022, Gaimin Gladiators achieved over 5 billion media impressions; we expect this to significantly increase in 2023.

In support of the team’s qualification for the Lima Major, GAIMIN has released a series of limited edition NFTs. These are free to claim through GAIMIN’s PC-based app, requiring just download and installation to connect to GAIMIN’s data processing network for defined periods of time. There are 7 limited edition NFTs to claim. Participation is free of charge, and claiming does not rely on any specific contribution to the processing network.

Martin Speight, CEO of GAIMIN said “GAIMIN is a proud owner of Gaimin Gladiators and the new DOTA2 team will build on the success of last year and consolidate their position as one of the top esports teams in the DOTA2 leagues. Our release of the limited edition NFTs enables followers of the DOTA2 team to obtain their own limited edition collectable memorabilia. We intend to mark all the key tournaments and events with limited edition NFTs enabling DOTA2 followers to build a collection of specialist and collectable NFTs over time.”

Joseph Turner, General Manager of Gaimin Gladiators, commented, “We always want to give something back to our followers! These NFTs from GAIMIN allow a limited number of DOTA2 followers to collect some unique memorabilia for their favourite team. Who knows what the value of these will be in a few years when this team is winning all the major tournaments!”

GAIMIN’s PC-based platform passively rewards gamers for monetizing through ( by allowing their devices to participate in the GAIMIN’s monetizing network. As part of GAIMIN’s philosophy of “No gamer left behind” GAIMIN’s app provides rewards for those users who do not fully benefit from higher-performance based monetization. With GAIMIN’s achievements scheme, a DOTA2 follower can claim these limited edition NFTs just by downloading and running the app.

About Gaimin Gladiators

Gaimin Gladiators ( were formed from the OCG Esports Club; a Canadian Esports organisation established in 2019 by brothers Nick and Alex Cuccovillo and Shawn Porter. Their aim was to conquer their chosen esports and since 2019 they have achieved significant success winning major events such as Dreamhack Canada for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and successfully competing in the highest pro-amateur league in North America.

The OCG philosophy fully aligned with the GAIMIN principle of “No Gamer Left Behind” and made OCG the perfect fit for GAIMIN. Based on their gaming successes and principles, OCG is now part of GAIMIN and rebranded as Gaimin Gladiators.

Gaimin Gladiators will represent GAIMIN in the global esports arena and build on their past successes and growth by participating in current and new esports verticals. Gaimin Gladiators’ roster currently comprises teams competing in DOTA 2, APEX Legends, Rocket League, PUBG Mobile and The Harvest.


GAIMIN.IO Ltd (GAIMIN) is a UK and Swiss based gaming company focused on helping the gaming community monetise the computational power of their gaming PC. GAIMIN has created a decentralised data processing network harnessing under utilised processing power typically found in gaming PC’s to create a world-wide decentralised data processing network, delivering supercomputer performance.

With a free to download PC-based application, GAIMIN monetises the under utilised performance through innovative approaches to delivering supercomputer level data processing performance from a world-wide network of independent processing devices which power GAIMIN.CLOUD. Focusing initially on video rendering and AI data processing, with an always available service to power blockchain computations, the GAIMIN data processing network is continuously delivering data processing services and returning rewards back to its user community.

GAIMIN rewards users in its own crypto currency, GMRX which can then be used for purchases on the GAIMIN Marketplace for NFTs, in-game assets, accessories and merchandise, or it can be converted to fiat or a different crypto currency.

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