Meteorologist Ed Zimbardi Weighs in on Tropical Storm Lee’s Upcoming Path

Ed Zimbardi tropical storm lee

Meteorologist Ed Zimbardi alerts on Tropical Storm Lee, set to become a major hurricane. East Coast & Bermuda should monitor closely. Stay prepared & informed.

MIAMI, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2023/ — As the tropics rumble with activity, all eyes are on the newly christened Tropical Storm Lee. Ed Zimbardi, a trusted meteorologist at the National Hurricane Center, shares insights and forecasts surrounding this formidable storm.

As of recent updates, Lee is projected to escalate into a major hurricane by Friday. Its trajectory places it well east of the Lesser Antilles but poses potential concerns for the northern tip of the Leeward Islands and portions of Puerto Rico.

“With the playful unpredictability of Mother Nature, we always encourage communities to stay informed and prepared,” says Zimbardi with his signature blend of professionalism and warmth. “Lee’s brewing, and while he’s taking his time deciding on his path, it’s our duty to remain vigilant.”

The East Coast, especially, should not be lulled into a false sense of security. Recent model updates have shown a slight shift to the west. Although it’s early days, it’s worth noting that Lee might just be setting his sights on a more westerly adventure.

“Let’s think of Lee as that friend who can’t decide on a lunch spot,” Zimbardi jests. “While he’s currently eyeing Bermuda, he might just decide on a detour. So, our East Coast friends, keep those umbrellas and storm plans handy!”

By next week, current predictions suggest Lee curving north, possibly heading toward or just west of Bermuda. The uncertainties surrounding its path emphasize the importance of continuous monitoring and preparedness.

Zimbardi adds, “Our team is on it, tracking Lee’s every move. The tropics might be unpredictable, but our commitment to keeping you informed isn’t. Stay tuned, stay safe, and let’s weather this together.”

Residents in the potential path of Lee are advised to review their hurricane plans, stay informed through official channels, and heed any advice or directives from local authorities.

For real-time updates on Tropical Storm Lee and to get insights from Ed Zimbardi, follow the National Hurricane Center’s official platforms or visit

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