Pursuing Peace Through Partnerships, Local Engagement, and Learning

Yesterday President Biden transmitted to Congress new 10-year plans to implement the U.S. Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability with our priority partner countries and region.  The plans represent an important step in advancing efforts to bring stability to conflict-affected areas and are a move toward greater global peace.  They acknowledge that the most pressing challenges of our time do not confine themselves within national borders.  Through cooperation and collaboration, we can address the underlying causes of violence and instability before conflicts can break out or escalate.

Taken together, these plans also represent a commitment to reform how the United States engages with partners; utilizes data and evidence to inform policymaking; and integrates diplomatic, development, and security sector engagement.  To advance these plans, the Department of State is collaborating across the U.S. government and marshaling diplomatic efforts alongside foreign assistance, including development programs and security assistance.

I am grateful for Congress’s continued bipartisan engagement on this effort and the steadfast commitment of government partners, local leaders, civil society, the private sector, and expert communities at home and abroad who remain dedicated to realizing the full potential of the Global Fragility Act’s long-term vision.

Official news published at https://www.state.gov/pursuing-peace-through-partnerships-local-engagement-and-learning/

originally published at Politics - JISIP NEWS