Tech startup launches new cloud model to empower global users

Tech startup launches new cloud model to empower global users

iN8 Technologies

iN8 Technologies

Tech startup launches new cloud model to empower global users

Our Phase One was very successful…We have surpassed our hardware sales goals and executed a successful launch.”

— iN8 CEO Joe Martinez

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, UNITED STATES, June 11, 2024 / — Our news feeds have recently been pulling our focus to technology and big data, as corporate giants move hundreds of billions of dollars on a continuously increasing demand for data computing. This demand comes from the global population generating and processing more and more data daily, while they use their smart devices, create content, utilize apps and run generative Ai applications. All that data is being computed and stored by tech giants, that in turn, not only get paid to compute and store all the data, but also get to analyze it, categorize it, develop for profit algorithms and Ai models with it, and in many cases resell it.

The relationship between large corporations and data users, from a socio-economic perspective, has created questions surrounding data privacy and ownership, intellectual property rights, generative algorithmic manipulation, the need for user revenue models, and the economic impact on the average global working class as statistics predict an impact to up to 60% of job markets in developed countries connected to advancements in implementation of Ai in the workspaces in an increasing number of industries.

“The world is going in one direction very rapidly. And we are moving so fast that it’s very hard for the average person who is busy working two jobs, paying bills and getting bombarded with irrelevant news to stop and think about and understand how their data is being used, or to try to figure out a way to earn money from their data since they might lose their job to Ai a few months from now.” – says iN8 Tech CEO and founder Joe Martinez. “We need to stop looking at it like there is nothing we can do about it. There is certainly a lot that we can and should be doing about it. That’s why I founded iN8.”

Joe Martinez, a serial entrepreneur, founded iN8 Technologies to solve some of those key pain points data users are struggling with. iN8 is a hardware and software company focused on cloud computing and data technology, specializing in innovative technology models targeting to reshape the socio-economic landscape of the data industry through not only open source technologies but also through inclusive and collaborative business strategies. On the hardware side, iN8 offers products such as CLOUD X, a server node product where people purchase data compute hardware that they can use or rent as part of a cloud service.

CLOUD X, is iN8’s first Fusion Cloud ™ brand. Fusion Cloud ™ is a blend of private and public cloud technology where cloud owners purchase hardware resources that are deployed to the iN8 Cloud, blending the traditional use case of a data-center based private cloud with a hybrid use case where unused resources are contributed to a public cloud (Cloud X) and monetized.

This concept allows for the participation of the average entrepreneur in an economic sector otherwise blocked off by an extremely narrow supplier chain with extremely high minimums and requirements, creating an important level of impact for the independent entrepreneurial segment of the global population. Cloud X utilizes a proprietary software management system integrating the cloud servers and managing the space between demand from different verticals creating flexible revenue possibilities and innovative use cases.

“Our Phase One was very successful with the purchase, deployment and installation of powerful hardware and software into our state of the art data centers. We have surpassed our hardware sales goals and executed a successful launch. Our next steps are to push our hosting solutions out to the world and lock in a few key enterprise clients hosted on our CLOUD X servers. That will position the company to move to the next stage of development.” says Joe Martinez.

Cloud X marks an important first step towards a global movement in data technology. A movement where the average individual gets a chance to participate in the biggest economic boom technology has ever seen, positioning themselves as owners and entrepreneurs, instead of mere consumers. As CLOUD X expands globally, iN8 plants its flag and creates a new sector of tech business owners and global influence, gaining the momentum to power up a global movement.

As we are wondering how technology will impact our future, companies like iN8 come to show us that through innovative business practices there are powerful possibilities and opportunities for a bright and collaborative future where tech companies and people work and prosper together.

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