The Sisters of the Valley Seek Support Amid Financial Hardships
The Sisters of the Valley Seek Support Amid Financial Hardships

GoFundMe Campaign Pause Notification

a screenshot of a facebook advertising campaign that was rejected when tried to re-run a 2nd time

screenshot of the Facebook ad rejection

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MERCED, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2024 / — The Sisters of the Valley have faced a series of devastating events, including a fraudulent banking attack that has left them in a dire financial situation. In an appeal to their followers to donate one dollar each, they launched a GoFundMe campaign. The Sisters quickly reached ten percent of their goal, and at that point, GoFundMe locked up the campaign.

The bank has refused to take responsibility for the fraud that happened under their watch, and instead is charging the Sisters daily fees that have accumulated over more than twenty days. And now the GoFundMe team has taken away that path to recovery.

Said Sister Halla, “GoFundMe cites issues with our industry despite the fact that we have our California Food and Drug Administration licenses, despite the fact that any child can peruse our website and see that there is nothing there that would get anyone high. This is yet another example of the discrimination the whole industry experiences from major commerce platforms.”

In addition to challenges with GoFundMe, the Sisters have faced issues with Facebook advertising and with the IRS withholding ERTC funds.

“Facebook gives advertising rights, and takes them away, under the accusation of ‘narcotics trafficking’. The IRS is holding much needed funds under the guise that the Sisters didn’t pay payroll taxes, when all payroll taxes were filed under a compliant third-party service provider – evidence has been provided, evidence is ignored,” explains Sister Camilla. “Perhaps the lesson for us is that it isn’t possible, in America, for a handful of women to sustain themselves on a small farm. Perhaps the lesson is that small businesses are dying in America, small farms are dying in America, and that it is sheer hubris to think one can swim against that tide.”

Added Sister Kate, “This is one of the ripple effects of no safe banking for the hemp and CBD industries. These companies know we are not dealing narcotics, yet they choose to hide behind that claim, making it difficult for small businesses like ours to operate.”

For more information and to read the full story, please visit the Sisters’ website library at To view a video appeal explaining more about the situation, visit their YouTube channel. Direct donations can be made here.

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