Victoria Unikel – the harbinger of Victory for Ukraine

Scandalous artist and famous producer Victoria Unikel, author of the gothic political NFT Exorcist, is continuing to fight for justice. Exorcist was launched on KnownOrigin platform on February 22, after battling zombies and getting her rewards – a magic ring and an angel, she finally reached her destination. Kremlin, Russia, is now her target to destroy the demons that have taken shelter there.


Victoria is a very different artist when it comes to NFT art. With animated motion and a darkwave soundtrack, she creates comic-style panels. Thunder and lightning, tornadoes, and darkness, all make this a very unique story in the world of NFT art. This is more than just one panel: it’s the story of a superhero fighting against all dark forces on the planet with her superpowers. Special sounds on the soundtrack affect one’s subconsciousness and elevate it to a higher level. 

In the story, we can see a parallel between fantasy and reality. NFT panel number 1.13, “Kremlin, possessed by demons“, explores the a Kremlin filled with smoke and rain. “Red Square in Moscow – a land of the damned, ravaged by demons” is a description made and minted on April 8, and one day later we hear about the sinking of the Moskva ship by Ukrainian forces. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, or maybe it’s not. There were many examples of art and literature that predicted the future. Life imitates art, as it were.

We continue to follow this story to see what happens with Exorcist, and probably our reality as well.

photo credit: Natalie Svors

originally published at Crypto Tech News - Cybernius