Book Exposes an In-Depth Examination of Real Democracy by Revered Author Richard Tafel

You Can Control Your Governments: How to Restore Real Democracy to the Citizen

Richard Tafel

Can citizens truly regain control over their governments? And how to restore real democracy to the citizens?

This work is not just an academic exercise; it is a call to action.”

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VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, June 11, 2024 / — Richard Tafel’s book, You Can Control Your Governments: How to Restore Real Democracy to the Citizen, tackles a provocative question: can the average citizen regain meaningful control over elected representatives and the decision-making processes of government? Tafel, drawing from extensive research and firsthand political experience, argues not only that it is possible but that it is essential for the sake of modern democracies.

Tafel’s central thesis is that true democracy—where citizens actively participate in governance—is both attainable and necessary. He critiques the current state of representative democracies, highlighting a growing disconnect between the electorate and their governments. This disconnect, he posits, leads to apathy and declining participation in democratic processes.

One of the key elements Tafel explores is the concept of direct democracy, particularly as practiced in Switzerland. He presents interesting evidence that direct democracy can lead to more responsive and effective governance. Swiss citizens, Tafel notes, regularly vote on referendums that shape significant policy decisions, thereby maintaining a strong voice in their government. This system stands in contrast to the more typical model where elected officials make decisions with limited direct input from their constituents between elections.

Tafel’s book is divided into several chapters that build his argument methodically. He begins by examining the evolution of modern democracy, questioning whether traditional representative systems have become outdated. This sets the stage for his in-depth view at referendums and other mechanisms of direct democracy. Through detailed examples, he writes how these tools can be implemented effectively, using Switzerland as a case study.

One particularly insightful chapter talks into the societal impacts of Switzerland’s direct democracy. Tafel suggests that Swiss society functions well under this system, benefiting from greater citizen engagement and accountability. He contrasts this with the “cult” of leadership prevalent in Canada and the United States, where political leaders often make decisions in isolation from the public’s direct input.

The book also addresses potential objections to direct democracy. Critics often argue that the general public lacks the expertise to make complex policy decisions. Tafel counters this by highlighting the concept of “wisdom from the masses,” citing instances where collective decision-making has led to better outcomes than those made by isolated elites.

Technological advancements, Tafel argues, could facilitate the implementation of direct democracy. He envisions a future where voting via computer becomes a norm, making it easier for citizens to participate in referendums and other forms of direct decision-making. This digital approach could overcome logistical challenges and increase participation rates.

The forewords by notable figures such as Mike Harris, former Premier of Ontario, and Preston Manning, President and CEO of the Manning Centre for Building Democracy, lend credibility to Tafel’s arguments. They both emphasize the importance of Tafel’s ideas and the potential benefits of adopting more direct democratic practices.

In his book introduction, Tafel captures the frustration many feel with their governments: decisions are often made without public input or awareness. This sentiment resonates deeply, making his call for more direct democracy both timely and urgent.

Richard Tafel, was an active lawyer in Ontario for all his professional life, combining his legal expertise with a deep involvement in political matters. He has served as president of three different political affiliations within his municipality and is acutely aware of the significant power of government over daily life. Elected as a school trustee for ten years, Tafel has traveled to all continents, gaining a broad perspective on governance. He recognizes the minimal influence citizens have within Canada’s vaunted democracy and offers clear-cut answers for this malaise.

You Can Control Your Governments is dedicated to Tafel’s children—David, Hugh, Sandra, and Elsa—stressing his personal commitment to creating a better future.

The book is an interesting read for anyone concerned about the state of democracy today. It challenges reader-voters to rethink their role in governance and consider how they can help shape a more democratic society.

This work is not just an academic exercise; it is a call to action. Tafel’s practical suggestions for implementing direct democracy offer a roadmap for citizens who wish to take a more active role in their governments. As democratic participation decreases in many parts of the world, Tafel’s book provides a timely reminder of the power that citizens can and should wield.

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